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This project delivers a number of SharePoint accelerators that make your every-day SharePoint life easier.

Search AutoComplete for SharePoint List - New Version Feb 12th 2012

  • Improvement: You can now define list columns (fields) to be queried
  • Improvement: You can now customize the display format
  • Fixed bug: Values from External Data Columns are not shown
  • Fixed bug: Web part is slow when querying a large list
  • Fixed bug: Trying to use a SPWeb object that has been closed or disposed and is no longer used.

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Search AutoComplete for SharePoint List

Search AutoComplete for SharePoint List is a Web Part that allows you to search contents of a SharePoint. Search is interactive and offers you results as you type. This web part is available as SandBoxed solution and can be deployed to any SharePoint 2010 site collection. Learn more...

Central Admin - Command Search

This web part allows you to search for a SharePoint 2010 Central Admin commands. This web part can come handy when you are demostrating SharePoint abilities to new client, during SharePoint course or when you forget where to find a particual command. Learn more...

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